Monday, November 8, 2010


Listen to the beat of love. Again my heart has spoken.
'Poetic Tags' designed and written by 'Styles of Writing' (SoW) - Display
them anywhere, and bring more romance into your life.
Available from su reaL compARTment store.

'Styles of Writing'  -  romance street style.

At su reaL we are QUIRKY.  We have created a store within a store, and it belongs to Alison Styles of ‘Styles of Writing’ (SoW).  Ali is a poet and creative writer, commissioned to capture by many for situations from personal to business.  Noted for wedding writing (vows; proposals) to summing up an occasion or travel spot.  Bold and punchy, humorous, or dripping with romance, Ali has a talented way with words. su reaL and SoW are collaborating on several projects also, and I love the different flavour Styles of Writing brings into the store.  Ali can be contacted directly at

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