Monday, August 15, 2011



I have to admit, much to the amazement of some people, I do love blustery weather... I find it really invigorating and exciting - especially at beaches and coastlines - so dug out one of my favourite pics on this particularly chilling, windy day. I got hailed on this morning on my walk which was fun, and believe there was even snow here in Auckland, which is totally bizarre! First time since 1939. How fantastic! It's the Vikingess in me...

The calm after the storm is just as wonderful when you escape to the relief of a cosy, indoor environment. The colours you see in these types of wintery, coastal scenes are so beautiful - moody and sensual - and this still seems to be the palette of choice I gravitate to when I'm decorating, or drawn to an interior. Below are some rooms I would love to spend time in...

Add a splash of soft gold tones, or a zing of citrus to this salty winter
palette, and it brings instant visual warmth.

1st pic - British Interior Designer Abigail Ahern's work 
4th pic - Bedroom of London Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes, and his wife
Stylist Jo Atkins-Hughes 

Customised print from Picasso's blue period - by su reaL atelier

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