Saturday, September 10, 2011



Do not read this if you are feeling queasy from the night before – whatever you did!

We got off relatively scott-free living on the city fringe after last night’s Rugby World Cup opening celebrations down the waterfront area.  Sure there were a few bottles around the edge of our property (what’s new?), and pleased to report that no other ‘fittings’ were lifted from the premises... (see ‘su reaL went AWOL’ blog)

I was curious to see the state of the city, so headed off for my early morning walk towards urbanism. The mess got progressively worse with each step I took – dodging shards of broken glass, whole glasses kidnapped from bars, and side-stepping recognisable splatter shapes on the tar - (though for once very pleased I saw no sign of carrot).

Young girls teetered around in heels having obviously not been home; the stench from a massive pile of accumulated rubbish behind the Hilton was unbelievable; and the crowd of starving, wild-eyed minors lined up on stools through a murky window ravenously hoeing into burgers, was a relief to see.  Some grease to help, before they hopefully remembered where they lived.

The sights did give Sydney New Year’s Eve street parties a run for their money... Subway did extremely well, unless MacDonald’s customers are naturally more respectful, and took their wrappers home?  

A welcome surreal vision was a sheet of mystical fog on the horizon totally blocking out any sign of life over the North Shore, with a humongous sun reflecting on the pale blue sea taking up half the harbour.  At last a picturesque sight!  It’s going to be another beautiful day in Auckland – at least a fine day for hangovers.

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