Wednesday, September 7, 2011



I heard there is a real buzz in the air around the Britomart area of downtown Auckland with the fast approach of thousands of visitors swanning in for the Rugby World Cup. Being on our back doorstep, and armed with my lens, I wandered down to see for myself...  I did see a few more people mooching around than usual, though I did discover the buzz was actually coming from all the machinery, and carpentry tools I saw scattered outside various buildings – tradesmen frantically trying to finish off bar interiors and the like. These impending visitors, and the locals, will want to be fed and watered, but just like a scene from the decorating show ‘Changing Rooms’, I’m sure the job will be done!  

I’ve snapped a few pics of quiet scenes that I found interesting in that kiwi all black kind of way, before the onslaught beginning this Friday night.

Tyler Street Garage - wanting some action.
Northern Steamship Co. A good spot to relax when the fire's going. I'm
tempted to sneak a new cushion onto that chair...
More trees to plant...
The quirky Britomart Country Club garden bar dotted with fake, green lawn.
Great, crispy pizzas and voluptuous wine glasses here - in a fun
The original fa├žade of the 1885 Britomart (connecting Britomart Country
Club). You'll find top music acts in a sultry, but comfy vibe here at the
basement bar.
Poetic vibe.
Soak up the dark, city air in the alley bar, Racket, amongst the fairy
lights. There won't even be any standing room I'm sure over the coming
weeks, so I might remain at home with a very long straw. 

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