Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Nature -  su reaL atelier style - Knitted Cacti, and Spanish Palace Tile


Well I nearly did a ‘Mary Poppins’ myself in what seemed like a hurricane this morning - minus the umbrella and briefcase.  I saw lots of skirts flapping riskily around legs, and dashing graduation cloaks flying high, up in the city’s Albert Park.  I was delivering freshly baked muffins on foot to a couple of good dudes that put their soul into beautifying the park, and grateful that I didn’t lose any of them this morning.  On a previous occasion I had them balancing precariously on the cooling rack, window sill style, where they tumbled fatally - so the birds got a good feed THAT day.  

Yesterday at the park, The Tree Council had a tree event ‘Pyjamas in the Park’ which was cute and educational, so I made sure I took my camera this time to capture some gorgeous trunks and greenery in the vicinity.  What would we do without it?  www.thetreecouncil.org.nz

Curious, winding paths lead to astounding trees. The poles propping up those
wild branches, is tree preservation at its finest!

The urge to limbo under this escaped me.
Banana and Dark Choc this morning - sustenance for special workers.
New Art Gallery by Albert Park.
Welcome graffiti on the gravel.

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