Friday, September 30, 2011


'Slack Mother Pasta'

The clock starts NOW!  Here’s a new, long-winded concept for a reality cooking show... What do you do when your son comes flying through the door, and needs an early, urgent dinner before a performance, and you haven’t got the meal going? I confess that I had been side-tracked, however another sandwich wouldn’t do. Fortunately I managed to find some ingredients to fling together just in the nick of time.
Excuse the messy appearance of this plate, but it shows that under pressure you can nourish a vegan teenager speedily, and an idea in case you find yourself in this predicament. Here’s what I did - (I think):
Pour a glass of wine  -

SLACK MOTHER PASTA  -  (quantities approximate) - serves 1 on the run 
A mound of leftover cooked pasta, or brown rice; olive oil; large clove crushed garlic; 1 cup mushrooms; 1 cup broccoli; ½ can rinsed chickpeas; salt and pepper; walnuts, pine nuts, or any nuts
Heat a pan quickly, and chop mushrooms and broccoli rapidly in the meantime - slosh olive oil in the pan, add garlic cooking this briefly, add finely chopped (it cooks quicker) broccoli and mushrooms. Heat the pan to moderate and stir frequently about 5 mins, then add chickpeas, walnuts, seasoning and cooked pasta. Warm through, serve, and sprinkle with pine nuts. No time for garnish.  

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