Thursday, January 17, 2013


Knitted heart earrings by su reaL atelier. For info


I designed these heart earrings knitting them in a soft, slinky, copper yarn, gifting them to my friend who has beautiful, auburn hair. Realising I hadn't taken a photo of them for my record, on request they were whipped out from her lobes - my freshly dyed jeans being the best backdrop I could find. She didn't mind. It was my first dyeing venture in ages, and really surprised it made such a difference. Just as well it didn't affect the stitching colour. A great weekend project if your fading pants need a wee tweak, and you could save yourself hundreds. Well worth the effort, and having to live with blue fingers for a day or two as well, if the gloves leak.

DYLON - around $8 from craft shops and pharmacies.

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