Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Hands of the genius.


Glenn Mercer has waved his magic on my crown again which is always a feel-good experience! Apart from his scissor expertise he has the great ability to communicate well - an attribute most vital to a hairdresser who currently holds the title of Tutor of the Year at Servilles Academy. I was lucky to find Glenn's creative hands myself a few years ago. 

Here are some hairy photo snips taken at Glenn's abode, temptingly nearby, over my last couple of visits. Glenn has a strong association with China which is reflected in his work and home - most evident with his wide range of Buddhas. I'm always relieved to find Glenn's in town when I need him, but I'm saving just in case I have to follow him to China. www.servilles.com

I like the framed peephole.
Buddha bar at Glenn's. A great spot to perch above the city fringe.

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