Saturday, June 1, 2013


A vinyl record bought just for the cover. Here's a track from inside - BEETHOVEN: Symphony No.3 'EROICA' Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra


I escaped from the mass of CROWN packing boxes including the watchful eye of Lord Nelson, and snuck down to the lower deck at the bach to get my teeth into a long-awaited style project. It was fun, though risky, turning the fish tank upside down as a display case for this collection of what are believed to be predominantly bones from the extinct New Zealand Moa bird found in an old Moa hunting site on Kaupokonui beach, Taranaki region. Purchased from Trade Me seller 'Razor,' it sounds like an authentic deal, but never-the-less adds a different flavour near the faux mantelpiece. 

Above the bone display - Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Secret of Skeleton Island' bought at a market where I turned down the free offer due to its scary condition, an old copy of the classic Swiss Family Robinson from the family archives, and the submarine book has since been returned to the upper deck library - dodging an overdue fee. Shells found on Little O beach with plastic surfer from car boot market, and antique lace t-lights by su reaL atelier.

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