Monday, August 5, 2013


An edgy spot on the city fringe.


I confess I hadn't tasted any professionally created Mexican food for donkeys' years, but yesterday's fiesta has changed all that! Following brunch and an exhibition at the art gallery, shop mooching, and knocking back a couple of Belgian beers, my brother (also my amigo) and I rounded off a great day together at MEXICO. 

The position of our little table for two smothered with goodies in the centre of the space was perfectly situated to consume the exposed brick walls wonderfully cluttered with eclectic, Latin imagery. A slice of evening air to one side of us from the alleyway provided another interesting element, along with bustling pan washing activity nearby, and with dozens of candles flickering all around us, felt right at home. After lusting after a table at this popular eatery for some time and now having soaked up this vibe, we both want to rework our own places, but think instead repeat performances to MEXICO will happily suffice. It's worth making it over the border for. 



A welcome assault on all your senses from joyful and attentive staff delivering zingy morsels and pumping Latin beats. The food was all just amazing, but I made a bit of a mess eating in the dark. Beautiful. 

 MEXICO 23 Britomart Place, Auckland Ph 09 3661759 Open Sun-Sat 12pm-12am

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