Monday, December 16, 2013


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Here are three of my favourite orange things that are about as cheap as a half scoop of chips, and would be good in any orange admirer's Christmas stocking. Like it or not, more people like orange than you realise. In my daily work I meet lots of women who adore the colour and can't get enough of it. If none of these ideas are suitable for the man in your life, get them a bag of carrots.

Orange soap from the LUSH store. Festive, vegan, smells divine, and though it makes a heck of a mess around the basin, it's fun - and like cleaning the fireplace after the beauty of a real fire, worth the clean.
Any shade of orange nail polish. It's all out there from soft apricots to hot neon. Just remember when you get out into the daylight it will look brighter, but sunglasses should fix that. No excuse either having chipped polish when the price starts at a couple of bucks.
Fluorescent orange tissue paper. Better than lollies, and great at protecting jewels and wrapping presents. I guarantee you will not lose anything wrapped in this!

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