Tuesday, January 21, 2014



The name of this design DEAD AND ALIVE came to me as I armed myself with these wildflowers and grasses - even though some of the stems like the hydrangeas were half-alive (or would you say half-dead?!) The inspiration came after choosing this vintage banana shaped vessel, and seeing the stems placed inside it on an angle. No need to cut the stems short as what I saw was an old ship on stormy seas with the masts going down. I wonder if that says anything about my state of mind? Ha ha! I think living at the boat-like bach overlooking the ocean is affecting me. Ahoy!

A piece of string was found in the drawer already cut and knotted, so I threw that in the mix, and some already distressed card became a sail - there must've been some little elves helping. It was all a bit too easy really, though lots of fun after my wonderful, long mooch out and around the beaches. 

Plain sailing. Use your wild imagination and watch this
With one sail up, and still on the faux mantlepiece. Excuse this darker shot, the storm must've been brewing.
She sailed on .... to the top of Napoleon's fish tank with the Moa bones, then above to the upper deck for residency, and for my sister and her Lord Nelson statue to hopefully enjoy.

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