Friday, June 13, 2014



A stunning, early happy hour treat from my girlfriend this afternoon at Stonyridge Vineyard, Onetangi. I am a blessed woman. The sun was hot on our bodies, and we couldn't believe it was winter! Heaven. We could well have been in Italy, but so glad it was Waiheke. Thank you Michelle XX

The salmon bruschetta was unbelievable! The Fallen Angel wine was great too.

Love the sprig of cress that fell on Michelle's amazing necklace. Reminded me of the baby's tears and vibrant blue lobelia I planted in the Sydney courtyard. Haha cute. Michelle was a good sport and left it there.
Heaven's above.
Our jackets were slipped over our shoulders as the sun went behind the hill. Now listening to Springtime Rain - Nathan Haines featuring Rich Medina

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nickis1 said...

Looks like a lovely way to spend an afternoon!